Previous Work

We fought COVID Side
by Side with Hospitals

Everything was moving too quickly during the pandemic, so we stepped up to help hospitals when they needed it

Our previous work


Automatic travel history checking system

Raise checking efficiency up to 10x combined with OCR Tech & AIPHAS card holder


Nurse station access control system

Adapted aiPass system for better crowd control management

Word of mouth
Head of Medical Admin.
Changhua Christian Hospital

“ The creative solution helps us fight COVID. Thanks for being by our side during the difficult time.”

Group Lead of IT Dept.
National Taiwan University Hospital

“ Very happy to work with AIPHAS, a young, energetic, and creative team, during the pandemic.”

Head of Nuring Dept.
Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

“ Well designed user experiences with clear instructions, fast response, and easy-to-use interaction.”

Head of Info. Security
Tri-Service General Hospital

“ Improve medical service from tech perspective to reduce risks of contact with patients during the outbreak.”

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