In Here, We Make Sure Your Impact is Delivered

Join us to build something great. Improve the quality of care and make an impact on the healthcare system

Working vibe
All voice are equal

Regardless of your role, gender or sexual orientation. Your voice matters. It is important for us to build a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for everyone

Partnerships with full trust

Everyone is on the same boat, and we face the ups and downs together. Please put 100% faith on yourself, your team members & on us. Together we can accomplish awesome things

Fun & energetic colleagues

We believe working can be fun & easy with bunch of passionate colleagues around. We want you to start and end your day feeling happy and fulfilled

Try it until you make it

Let us know your goals (short & long-term included) and just try whatever it takes to achieve them. Our culture encourages you to try hard. And we really mean it

Benefits we Offer
10 Days Paid Time Off
PTO will take effect immediately upon onboarding
Employee Option Pool
We would love to build long-term partnerships with you
Flexible Working Hour
We believe you can organize your work schedule
Hybrid Work Model
Just tell us whenever you want to work outside the office
Bring your Pet to Work
Why not? Those cuties create happiness and creativity
Office Happy Hour
We all need some alcohol, comfort food & fun sometimes
National Health & Labor Insurance
Basic requirement, of course we provide you with this
Thought from employees

“ AIPHAS is a place where I am able to talk about my difficulties without scruples, and make progress continuously under positive experiences to obtain a higher sense of work achievement.”

Kemal Wu, Software Engineer

“ AIPHAS gives me the opportunity to work with the colleagues who are passionate about their work. Together, we collaborate, learn, and brainstorm new ideas to create the most value for our product.”

Ted Kuo, Technical Manager
Open roles


Taipei, Taiwan
Backend Engineer

We know you enjoy spinning your logical mind to think, plan, and act. Your structuralized but not overly complicated system design will be the bone of all our algorithm and services ; your thought on the applications and data flow will be the blood that carries through and makes the delivery. That’s how we believe you can always have our back.

3 yrs of relevant experience
AWS is a plus
Clear sense of data structure and algorithm
Data analysis and processing is a plus


Taipei, Taiwan
Data Engineer

We know you love digging into massive data and find out the correlation in between. With a certain amount of domain knowledge and enough data sense, it is just a piece of cake for you to build the tools generating strong evidence from data to back up your logic.

Data visualization
2 years of related experience
Medical related background is a plus
AI/ML experience is a plus


Taipei, Taiwan
Frontend Engineer

We know you love putting a fancy design into a lively responsive interface, so that users can just follow the product’s flow enjoying our services. You are adaptable & flexible enough to use any framework to complete all required functions, even the small detailed ones, just to deliver the best user experiences. Because of you, users can enjoy our services on different devices, in no time.

2 yrs of relevant experience
Dynamic design with WebSocket
Vue.js preferred
Data structure and algorithm knowledge are plus


Taipei, Taiwan
Field Application Engineer

We know you enjoy standing at the front line, watching, talking, and interacting with users to learn from their experiences, and help them use our products to ease up their workload with the best you can. Then will you come back with some awesome findings about what the users might need next, so that you could introduce the awesome features to them in the next release.

Windows & Linux proficiency
Travel Required
CS-related Major or Equivalent
Strong communication skill
Problems Identification

If you are interested in the roles and your skills & experience are a match, please send us your CV to

BTW, you can find our cozy office at 5F.-1, No. 65-2, Sec. 1, Jinshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan

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